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Joining Beaconsfield Cycling Club


If you would like to join the club please click on the link below which will take you to the club section of British Cycling. The site will allow you to complete an application form and pay the membership fee online. We currently have both individual adult and family memberships but if you would like to join as a junior please email membership@beaconsfieldcyclingclub.co.uk.


We have recently changed our club rules to make it manadatory that all joining members and those renewing membership must also take out membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK at a level that provides personal 3rd party liability cover. Pleaase note that British Cycling Bronze membershp does not provide liability cover. When joining the club on-line the application process will insist that you either provide a valid and current Britiish Cycling membership number or it will ask you to join. Membership of either Brtisih Cycling of Cycling UK is discounted to a very reasonable rate for club members.


Unfortunately, the online membership process is only automated for those joining British Cycling. We accept and indeed support those that would prefer to join Cycling UK. If you would like to join the club as a Cycling UK member please email membership@beaconsfieldcyclingclub.co.uk.


We will accept liability cover from other providers such as the London Cycling Campaign but please be aware that cover from another party must as a minimum be equal to that of British Cycling, Gold, Silver or Ride membership or that of Cycling UK and we will ask you to sign a declaration confirming that fact.


Existing members with approved laibility cover as outlined above must enure that their cover is current at all times.. Failure to do so may result in their membership of BCC being cancelled.


Please note that 'Family Membership' includes both guardians or parents and all dependant children living at home under 18 years of age.



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